The End Of An Era

Last month marked the end of an era for myself and the Boston gay community. Perestroika, the drag super show that I’ve been photographing for the last 2 years finally came to a close after a 7 year run.


I was very sad to say goodbye to the show, as it helped me learn about myself as a photographer and drove me to understand conceptual bodies of work with a clearer understanding. This was the place that helped me achieve my first body of work (which I feel is still a work in progress) and catapult me from an amateur photographer to a student of fine art. I’ll always be grateful to Katya Zamolodchikova, Frieda Fries, Nicholle Pride, Sapphira Cristal and the many other phenomenal drag queens that came through the doors of Perestroika.


Here are just some of the photos I took on that final night, which ended up being the best show the girls have put in the show’s history.


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Yankin’: Part 1

I admit, I’ve been behind on posting. As I like to say, life gets in the way…

But not my photo taking! So in the coming days I’ll hopefully be posting a lot more photos for your convenience.

Here are some photos from last month’s Perestroika show. Perestroika, for those who don’t know, is the greatest drag show in the history of the world. And I’ve been given the honor and privilege to photograph these amazing people both on stage and off. I feel like I’m close to organizing all these photos I’ve taken into something really special. More to follow! Special love goes out to Katya, Frieda, Nicholle, and Sapphira!

_MG_0163_web IMG_0128_web IMG_0154_web IMG_0124_web