Boston Pride, In Technicolor!

Ah expired film. Who knows what fun you’ll come up with next! I took these photos in June at the Boston Gay Pride Parade. Using some old film I received from a family friend, I set out on the parade path and took some photos of some wonderful looking people. I primarily walked with Microsoft once again where M was in charge of 30 people. It was a great day seeing friends and celebrating Boston’s LGBTQ’s community!

EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_090 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_086 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_098EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_095EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_091EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_085 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_084 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_082 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_081 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_080 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_079 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_078 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_077 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_076 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_075 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_074 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_073EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_100EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_102


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