A Day At The Pond



Here is my second post of my analog photos that I took in July! These photos were taken from a day at Houghton Pond with M and our friends. I’ve apparently been on a Black & White fixation for a little but I can’t help it! I love it and the results! I suppose having gorgeous subjects doesn’t hurt either 😉





EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_054 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_055 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_056 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_057 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_058 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_059 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_060 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_061 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_062 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_063 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_064 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_065 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_066 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_067 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_068 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_069 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_070 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_071 EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_072


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