Été à Provincétown et Bostón



It’s been a while since I took these photos at the start of the summer. I’ve been so consumed in Portraits In Provincetown that I neglected to share these, and other photos I took with my 35mm camera. In the next 3 posts (2 more after this), I’ll be sharing my times in Boston for Gay Pride and M’s birthday, as well as the summer in Provincetown that is currently underway!




EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_002_WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_003WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_004WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_005WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_006WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_007WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_008WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_009WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_010WM  EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_013WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_014WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_015WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_016WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_018WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_019WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_020WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_021WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_022WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_023WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_024WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_026WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_027WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_028WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_029WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_031WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_032WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_033WM  EDC_Portfolio_Portrait_03WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_035WMEDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_036WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_038WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_041WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_044WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_045WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_047WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_048WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_049WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_051WM EDC_35mm_BW_Summer_2014_052WM


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