New Orleans And My 35mm


That’s probably the only thing I love more than traveling and photography. So imagine how pleased I was when M surprised me with a trip to New Orleans on behalf of me graduating with my Masters of Fine Art.

It was my first time down south and New Orleans did not disappoint. And I definitely did not forget to bring my Pentax 35mm camera.

While New Orleans may have been a little trashier than I anticipated, I still felt like a Charlie Bucket entering Willy Wonka’s factory for the first time. The architecture, the attitude, the people and new friends we made, the plant life, THE FOOD, all of it was all so overwhelmingly wonderful.

Needless to say, M and I traveled as much as we could around the city. From walking all over the French Quarter, and through the Tremé. Up Esplanade Street to City Park and touring the New Orleans Museum of Art, and spending hours over in the Garden District looking at the beautiful homes and cemeteries. We even rented a car and visited the swamps on our last day which was ended up being one of my favorite moments of the trip.

I can talk forever about what we did (we rented a room from AirBnB from Lauren, a bad ass graphic designer with an amazing dog) but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Next post, I’ll show you the photos I took from my phone….which sounds much more lame than I anticipated but are cool nonetheless!


EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_003 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_004 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_005 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_006 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_007 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_009 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_010 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_011 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_012 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_013 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_015 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_016 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_017 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_018 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_019 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_020 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_022 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_026 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_027 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_028 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_029 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_031 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_033 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_034 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_036 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_038 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_040 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_045 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_048  EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_051 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_052 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_060 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_062 EDC_35mm_NOLA_May2014_066


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