Friends, Snow and Robert Caygeon

Our visit to Toronto concluded with an amazing trip up north to Bobcaygeon where we spent the day and night with our good friends Carly, John, Leah, Jen, Meredith and Missy.

We ended up eating great food, walking on the frozen water, and drinking endlessly. M and I found ourselves surrounded by wonderful new friends that will now be a staple to our next visits to Toronto.




EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_013 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_014 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_015 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_016 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_017 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_018 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_019 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_020 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_021 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_022 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_023 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_024 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_025 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_026 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_027 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_028 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_029 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_030 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_031 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_032


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