Giving Thanks

Pictures pictures pictures. I try to capture my life as best as I can through photography. Sometimes the photos are real gems that I can’t wait to show. And sometimes…well lets just say they won’t be seen anytime soon.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated Thanksgiving with two different families. The first was M’s family which was held at his sister’s home in Chestnut Hill. We had an afternoon extravaganza, playing with the kids, eating a wonderful meal, and because it was also Chanukah, we also lit the candles on the menorah, ate latkes and opened some presents too 🙂

The second family outing occurred after we left M’s family and headed to our friend’s Brian and Eric’s place. The circle of friends we’ve made here in Boston have become a family in it’s own way. I’m very fond of these people. We met up with our friends at Brian and Eric’s and joined them in drinking and dessert. Of course there was an accordion.



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