Beer, Birthdays and Ektachrome 35mm

Here are the results of my first foray into ektachrome color film. I recently received a bag of film from a family friend and thought it would be a fun idea to take a roll of 35mm film to a friends birthday out in Brooklyn.

So I popped on a flash and played a guessing game. The results were…interesting. Certainly not the best photos I’ve taken but I think they really capture the fun that was had by our friends. The next roll will be even better.



EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_001 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_002 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_003 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_004 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_005 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_006 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_007 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_008 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_009 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_010 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_011 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_012 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002_013 EDC_PatinoBday_10_25_13002


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