A New England 4th

I know it’s delayed but here are some photos from 4th of July. We went to our friend’s James and Oliver’s new home in Cambridge and sat out in their lovely front yard while we endured the sweltering heat. We may have cheated and snuck into their A/C home for a bit of a break from the sun but all in all it was a lovely day. Afterwards, we all walked towards the Charles River to watch the fireworks, which I might add, was a spectacular show!

Pics below!

1016155_10100589897422736_897396371_n 1016159_10100589897203176_836678034_n 1010058_10100589897307966_687494434_n 1044158_10100589896793996_1414222489_n 1043886_10100589896739106_1562653749_n 1017486_10100589896429726_518311809_n 1017144_10100589896245096_805875984_n 1010281_10100589896913756_461541382_n 1004002_10100589897068446_687742430_n 1003697_10100589896290006_764832380_n 1002240_10100589897672236_1726748939_n 999822_10100589896848886_416888979_n 969135_10100588684957526_223500346_n 946222_10100589896654276_137130208_n 9091_10100589896384816_1282049923_n 1044891_10100589896599386_17906934_n 1017393_10100589896529526_1619019785_n 1017353_10100589897148286_909411335_n 1001473_10100589896349886_122829478_n 969156_10100589897617346_578810028_n 945062_10100589896105376_1528319712_n 1045086_10100589897517546_397899336_n


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