This past Memorial Day Weekend, a group of us drove up to Montreal to enjoy the sights, smells and delicacies of our Canadian neighbors.

Unfortunately, the weather was quite awful and photo taking was done at a minimum. I managed to take my Mark II out for one afternoon as we strolled around the Olympic Park. We also stopped by quickly to see the most amazing architectural housing complex I’d ever seen called Habitat 67. It’s hard to believe it was made without the help of a computer (the structure was completed in 1967)

Here are some photos from our trip to the Park.

For other Montreal photos and more, check out my Instagram page by clicking HERE.





2 thoughts on “Montreal

  1. The expressions–the eyes–you find with your particular style of attention are highly charged. Most people in photos just look like people: here’s a person, here’s another person, now the person is smiling and looking away, etc. Somehow, your subjects are imbued with a powerful immediacy, as if a movie were suddenly paused on a single frame. They are alive, like a book that instantly captures your attention in the first paragraph is alive. Your photos of people make me want to hear them, my brain almost thinks it can.

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