It’s been two years since I first introduced myself to my friend Herman. We first began speaking when I reached out to him via his wonderful blog to congratulate him on a job well done. Since then, we have kept up our correspondence and become good friends.

It was a few months ago when Herman announced that he would be coming to New York. We made plans and bought tickets and I’m glad to say that meeting Herman for the first time felt like the 100th. It honestly felt like we were old friends seeing each other after a long period of time apart. It felt so natural.

Herman came with his friend Michelle to NYC to visit America for the first time and to work on his blog.  I made sure he met my friends and that we experienced a side of New York that wasn’t touristy or lame. Sure enough, photos were taken and bonds were strengthened and I can’t wait to go visit him in Cape Town sometime soon.






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