A Month To Remember

Well…this has been quite the 2 weeks….

1. Leader Of The Pack: In my first show outside of School, I along with 4 other LGBT artists, got the chance to exhibit our work at the Male Center in downtown Boston. The work, which was to help promote men to get tested to HIV and STDS,’ was a great experience and I was fortunate enough to work with the wonderful people at the Male Center.

2. Photographing Marina Abromovic at the Harvard Graduate School of Design: Thanks to my dear friend Daniel, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to photograph for Israel’s #1 newspaper, HaAretz, and have a mini photo shoot with the one and only Marina Abromovic. Needless to say it was one of those surreal, unbelievable experiences that I will remember for a long time! Can’t wait to show you the photos!

3. Photographing Zaha Hadid  at the Harvard Graduate School of Design: Just when I thought my week with Harvard couldn’t get any better, I was called up less than 48 hours after photographing Marina, and asked if I could come back in to photograph the iconic architect, Zaha Hadid. Zaha is an unbelievable architect who is nothing short of a genius. It was really a remarkable experience just to hear her speak let alone get to the chance to take her photo!

4. Boston Spirit Magazine – 2013 Let Us Introduce You Cover Story: The next day, I received an email from the good people at Boston Spirit Magazine offering me the cover story “Let Us Introduce You”, which will have my photographing 15 individuals throughout Boston who have made significant contributions to the LGBT community. I am so humble to be given this assignment. Keep your fingers crossed.

52013 SMFA Graduate Open Studios: This year, I volunteered myself to be on the committee for the 2013 SMFA Graduate Open Studios. Held every year at the School of The Museum of Fine Art, Open Studios offers the public to come inside and view the art of all the Graduate and Post Bac students. Though mother nature decided to give us a snow storm which included 12 inches of snow, we had a great turn out and a ton of fun. Here’s the link to the photo booth that I set up!

6. PRC’s 2013 Student Exhibition: This morning I was just informed that I was selected to have my work represent the SMFA at the 2013 Boston University PRC Exhibition show, held here in Boston, MA. This is very exciting and a big deal! The show goes up on April 11 and will feature other work from students concentrating in photography from all over the city. And thanks to my muse Matty A who helped create such a beautiful photo.

So thankful and humble that these things are happening! Can’t wait to keep this ball rolling!!


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