CSS Reunion in Film: A New Experience

It’s funny, when I went to camp I used film to photograph my experience as a camper and eventually staff.  I was just at the end of the color film era before digital came in and blew it all away. But I never filmed in Black and White. Looking at these photos, I’m seeing camp in a totally new way, which is hard for someone who spent over a decade photographing that place.

I love the way the grain looks on the photo of the lake and I feel like there is a moment caught in time when I look through this pictures. See for yourself. As usual my favorites are featured and then the slideshow.


(favorite of the bunch)


2 thoughts on “CSS Reunion in Film: A New Experience

  1. Really nice. Started out with B&W in 11 X 14 format and I still shoot in 4 X 5 in both digital and film. Although I mostly use the 4X5 in a studio setting I do love going out with my Better Light Digital back which captures in infrared. Moved everything in July and still setting up so. I’ll be a while posting captures.
    Good Luck,
    Sid, .com

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