Summer 2012: Go Dogs Go

I was going through the photos on my phone and I couldn’t believe how many I took just in these last 4 months. It was really a remarkable summer and I can’t believe how much I did. I thought I’d spend the next few posts showing you some of my favorite shots as well as some new ones as well.   The first post might even be the biggest as M and I found our way all over the country visiting friends and new cities.                                  Here we go!


Celebrating our friend Nikki’s birthday in a cabin inNew Hampshire!

Visiting San Francisco for the first time!

Flew down to Los Angeles to visit some special people 🙂


Day trip to the Hoover Dam! Followed by…


Visiting family and friends in New York City.

Visiting Seattle and attending my summer camp reunion in Olympia!

The shores of Long Island and Jones Beach

Grabbing sea food and site seeing in Portland, Maine!

Going to our friend Miriam’s family beach house in Fairhaven, MA

The trips to Provincetown 😉

Finally our annual trip to Nantucket with M’s sisters’ family.


And of course, our time spent at home in Boston!

Now the beginning of our next chapter starts as we move into our new apartment in Beacon Hill and I get my MFA as M conquers the world of technology!


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