My Pentax and Venice Beach

I have a confession, ever since I figured out how to use my grandfathers old Pentax Superprogram, I only used black and white film. Mainly because I don’t have access to a color dark room and film gets costly and therefore so does the processing. And with my Mark II, I can create some pretty extraordinary color photos digitally.

Buuuuut this trip to California really pushed me over the edge to try something new. I took the risk and brushed aside the cost of developing and took some color rolls of film. I’m happy to say that the photos came out pretty magical. I originally wanted to photograph my trip using old frozen Kodachrome film, but since they closed all the developing labs since it’s forced retirement, I had to say goodbye to that dream. But I couldn’t be happier with the results that I got using the Fuji Color film!

Here are some photos from our trip to Venice Beach!

Double Exposure from our day laying out at the pool at the Thompson Hotel/ Our trip to Venice

[Photo by Shauna]

And here’s a pic of M at Joan’s On Third in LA!


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