His Style

[via mrdanger]

  • shirt by j.crew
  • pants by gap
  • shoes by sperry
  • belt by penguin
[via mrdanger]
if theres a pocket, use it.
  • vintage pocket t-shirt by j.crew
  • pants by levi’s (511 trouser)
  • canvas shoes by sperry
  • watch by timex
  • band by j.crew
  • belt from random sports store
  • glasses by ray-ban

[via mrdanger ]

From Mr.Danger:

  • shirt from K-Mart
  • Jeans from levi’s (511)
  • suspenders from UO
  • canvas shoes from sperry
  • handkercheif from vintage store
  • military watch from timex
  • cotton watchband from j.crew
  • i run into a lot of people that don’t like or are confused with the handkercheif.
  • my explanation is as follows:
  • its hot out. i sweat.  so i wipe my brow with my handkercheif.  when im not using it i stow it in my shirt pocket or my back pocket.  if you don’t like it, don’t look at it.  problem solved.

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