Spring 2011

I’m going through the GQ photo spread for tips about Spring 2011 men’s wear and thought I’d share some photos.

“This isn’t the baseball jacket you wore in Little League, even if it does have that same striped banding at the wrist and collar. You’ve grown up and grown out of nylon, so this one is suede, and it’s brown instead of primary red. The baseball jacket is an iconic American piece that feels familiar, because we all know that shape. But thanks to a few modern tweaks, it’s gotten new life.” —Jim Moore, GQ creative director

“Ronald Reagan was famous for his chocolate brown suits, but the look that’s back now is a lighter shade of brown—almost the color of tobacco. Put it on with a pale blue shirt and it’s going to be one of the best business looks in your arsenal.” —Lisa Cohen, GQ senior fashion editor

Always, Always Brown with Blue
1. Learn what every well-dressed European man knows: The best way to bring out the richness of your blue suit is with equally rich brown accessories.
2. A brown leather bag only gets better with age.
3. Brown dress shoes should be dark, like the color of coffee with just a touch of cream.

The Retro Polo That Is So 2011
The hell‘s a Ban-Lon? It’s a polo with its roots in the 1950s, marked by a striped collar and a knit waistband. Think Sinatra on the golf course or a cool old dude with a fedora chewing on a robusto on the streets of Havana. One warning: That knit waistband ain’t gonna do you any favors if you have a gut.

Rock Spring’s Most Versatile Dress Shirt
When you think of a khaki shirt, you probably think of a safari shirt (adorned with epaulets and worn untucked), but the new breed’s got all the seriousness—and style—of any dress shirt in your wardrobe.

You know what no one in your office has yet? A khaki dress shirt. Show ’em how it’s done.



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