Portraits in Provincetown 2015 – Part 8!

I know I know, MORE photos?! I admit the post production process has taken longer than I anticipated, but that just allows us to enjoy those final moments of summer for just a little bit longer.

These portraits hail from the end of August when the sun was hot, the water was warm, and the costumes were ever present.


Portraits In Provincetown 2015 – Part 7 – Carnival!


Today may bring about the end of Summer, but that just means we should remember the amazing times we had!

Here are the next batch of photos from the Portraits In Provincetown 2015 series taken in Provincetown, MA. You’ll see some amazing outfits from this year’s Carnival “Candyland” festivities. Which one is your favorite?


Portraits In Provincetown 2015 – Part 6


With full hearts and healthy tans, M and I have just concluded are final 2 weeks in Provincetown for the year. Our most recent trip was so jam packed, and filled with hilarious stories and memories that I can’t to share some of the photos with you. In due time my kittens!

In the mean time, please enjoy the first batch of portraits that I took over my time in Provincetown over Carnival Week.


Portraits in Provincetown 2015 – Part 5

Oops! Remember in my last post when I said those photos were my last images from my trip…well turns out I was really wrong! I am happy to reveal that these photos are the final July batch of Portraits in Provincetown 2015!

Counting down the days until my return!


Portraits In Provincetown – 2015 – Part 4

Here are the final images from my 2 week trip to Provincetown this month. While I’m sad that I won’t be spending my summer in Provincetown, I cherish the time that I do get to go and visit.

In a few short weeks I’ll be back in P-Town and working hard to creating new and exciting photos. I hope you enjoy these last few portraits and I’ll see you in August Provincetown!


Portraits In Provincetown – 2015 – Part 3

Happy weekend! The sun is shining out here in London so what better way to celebrate the summer than by sharing another round of Portraits In Provincetown 2015! Shout out to both mine and M’s parents for making an incredible trip down to the Cape to see the show!


Portraits In Provincetown – 2015 – Part 2

Good morning!

After yesterday’s post featuring the first of my photos from Portraits of Provincetown 2015, I’m back with a second set of photos for your enjoyment!

The most wonderful thing about Provincetown in June is that the weather is utterly gorgeous. Other than a mild case of humidity now and then, when the sun is out, it shines. The air is cool and the days are long, which offers great photo taking opportunities. I’m a big fan of these next set of images and I hope you are too!


Portraits In Provincetown At The William Scott Gallery

It’s crazy to imagine that 2 weeks ago, I debuted my first solo show at the William Scott Gallery. It seems like I was prepping for the opening just yesterday but am glad to let you know that some of the photos are still up at the gallery so go and check it out!

In case you aren’t able to get to P-Town to see the work, here are some photos of the show while it was up!

I was I could explain all the feelings I was going through while having my show up. I was so happy, proud, elated, exhausted and overwhelmed wonderful feedback I was receiving, and at the same time, I was relieved that all the hard work had finally come to an end. Now, more than ever, I am motivated to work on the next project and continue to push myself further with my art. I hope the next series is just as, if not more successful than Portraits In Provincetown has been.


Portraits In Provincetown – 2015

And so begins the second year of Portraits In Provincetown! 2014 was such a massive year for this project and it taking off in spades. The show was a massive success and I will post photos from the gallery in the next couple of days. I can’t wait to show you!

The series was always seen as an anthology, and I hope to continue photographing this project for a few more years, so without further adieu, here comes the first photos of the second year of Portraits in Provincetown!