Mama Michelle

A couple of weeks ago, M and I were invited by our dear friend Will (aka Wilma) to go up to Maine and visit his mother Michelle. Michelle, along with her husband, had recently acquired a 38 acre farm known as Back Fields Farm that specializes in maple syrup production. The three of us, along with our other friend Mike, journeyed up north and spent the entire day meeting Will’s parents and family friends, all of whom contribute to the farm in some way or another.

The weather was spectacular as was Michelle’s house which was newly renovated and looks like an English countryside home come to life.

Chickens, barnyards, a cemetery and all the syrup you could ever want. Needless to say, the photo opportunities were endless.





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Friends, Snow and Robert Caygeon

Our visit to Toronto concluded with an amazing trip up north to Bobcaygeon where we spent the day and night with our good friends Carly, John, Leah, Jen, Meredith and Missy.

We ended up eating great food, walking on the frozen water, and drinking endlessly. M and I found ourselves surrounded by wonderful new friends that will now be a staple to our next visits to Toronto.




EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_013 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_014 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_015 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_016 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_017 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_018 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_019 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_020 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_021 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_022 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_023 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_024 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_025 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_026 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_027 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_028 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_029 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_030 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_031 EmilCohen_Toronto_032014_WM_032

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The Freeman’s

Here are some more photos that I took during my trip up north last month. It was nice to have a full day with the family since it allowed me to photograph them over the course of a few hours which allowed them to relax a little more in front of the camera.

The portrait of my grandmother is my favorite but the Breaking Bad wine making laboratory my grandfather has built for himself in the basement definitely comes close.





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Naomi and Stan

My beautiful grandparents.
66 years together and still going strong!


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Mother and Son

Just ended a lovely day with my dear friend Daniel and his mother who is visiting from Tel Aviv.

We snuck this photo at the Isabella Gardner Museum and I thought I would share the final result! Enjoy!


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Here’s an outtake from a photo shoot I had a few months ago with my friend Tyler for my thesis show.

Tyler took me to his studio where he designs and creates amazing costumes and clothing for movies, television and the stage. The man wore a spectacular sweater and is as always, a photogenic beauty. Enjoy!



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Black and White and Good People

Here are some delayed photos that I took at the beginning of the year with my 35mm camera. The photos are an array of moments that I was fortunate enough to share with friends from many different moments in my life. Friends from my time in Vancouver, Boston, Israel and New York all managed to visit Boston over the course of a few weeks and I was fortunate enough to have film in my camera ready to capture the moment!


EDC_35mm_BW_Winter14_026 EDC_35mm_BW_Winter14_027 EDC_35mm_BW_Winter14_028

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Photographed by Claire Beckett

I have the great pleasure of being taught my some extraordinary working photographers at the Museum School. One of them happens to be Claire Beckett.  Claire has been my teacher since my very first semester at school and I’m happy to say she’s also teaching me during my last. The other week, I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a volunteer for a portrait session for our Portrait seminar class. Using a digital Mamiya camera, Claire positioned me and began taking my photos. Below is the final result. Enjoy!



Photo by Claire Beckett, 2014

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A Weekend In The Woods

This past weekend, M and I, along with 12 of our friends, headed to the Massachusetts/New York border for a weekend in the woods. We rented a beautiful estate which was surrounded by mountains, trees and all the snow you could ever (not) want. The next three days were spent visiting the neighboring towns, shopping, stopping by MassMOCA and most importantly, drinking in front of the fire. All in all it was a great trip and can’t wait to do it again next year.




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Winter in Toronto

This post is a little delayed but here are some pictures of my trip up to Toronto last month. I took out my camera at my grandparents house where I was staying and was able to capture some moments shared with the extended family.


EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_001 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_002 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_003 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_004 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_005 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_006 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_007 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_008 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_009 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_010 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_011 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_012 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_013 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_014 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_015 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_016 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_017 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_018 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_019 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_020 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_021 EDC_Toronto_122413_LowRes_022

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